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Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller







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Click to enlarge - Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller

Click to enlarge - Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller

Click to enlarge - Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller

Click to enlarge - Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller

Zalman Fan Mate 2 Fan Speed Controller

Part #:ZM-FANMATE2-75
Price: $5.99
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Dimensions 200(L) X 21(H) X 23(W) mm
Weight 20g
Output Voltage 5V ~ 11V 2%
Allowable Wattage 6W or lower
1. Connect FAN MATE 2 (adjustable fan speed connector) to the 3-pin connector of a fan as shown in Figure 1.

2. Connect FAN MATE 2 to the 3-pin CPU fan connector of the mainboard.

3. Turn on the computer after assembly is finished.

4. When the speed control knob is turned fully counter-clockwise, the fan speed is minimum, and the fan operates in silent mode. You can select the desired fan speed by turning the knob.

When booting a computer in which FAN MATE 1 is used with the CPU fan, an alarm sound may be generated by a system monitoring program to indicate that the rotation of the CPU fan is slow.

If this happens, you may turn the speed control knob fully clockwise to increase the fan speed, set 'CPU Fan Detected' to 'Disabled' in the BIOS settings, or set the slowest rotation of the CPU fan in the system monitoring program to less than or equal to 1500 RPM.

Some mainboards do not boot if the rotation of the CPU fan is below a certain number of RPM. If the BIOS settings are updated, Silent Mode can be used. For more information on updating your BIOS , please refer to your mainboard manufacturer's web site.

Zalman Tech provides Noise Prevention (NP) power supplies, CPU coolers, and case fans, as well as fan-less northbridge coolers and video card coolers to bring you stable performance into noiseless environment.
1.Please check the allowed wattage of the CPU fan connector on the motherboard, as well as
   the rated wattage of the fan to be used.

2. Zalman Tech. Co., Ltd. is not responsible for any damage to systems or CPUs caused by
   using the product outside of its specifications.

3. Do not use FAN MATE 2 with a fan having a start up voltage of more than 5V.
   Please check the start up voltage in the specifications of the fan.

4. The specifications of any product may change without prior notice to improve the performance


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