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(Discontinued) Spire SoundPad Sound Dampening Pack







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Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Spire SoundPad Sound Dampening Pack

Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Spire SoundPad Sound Dampening Pack

You'd be surprised how quieting down your computer can have a very significant impact on your health. Many studies have shown that quiet environments help productivity (such as at work) with less fatigue. Having that jet engine of a computer sitting next to you day after day does more to your well-being than just annoy you. It's time to save your ears and your brain with Spire SoundPads! These thin foam inserts have an adhesive backing, so installing them to the inside of your case is simple and easy. Just peel off the backing, and stick them to the inside of your side panels, top, or bottom of your case. The foam helps keep in noise pollution made by your fans, hard drives, vga cooler and chipset fans. The Spire SoundPad is especially good at limiting the high frequency whine of fan motors.

The Spire SoundPad fits most mid-tower cases, if you have a large tower case you may want to pick up 2 packs.

- Soft cellular foam, 4mm thick
- Engineered to reduce high frequency fan noise
- Easy to install and cut to size
- 4 pieces

Features Reduces fan noise from your PC case
High Density sound absorption
Soft cellular 4mm foam
Heat & Fire resistant
Reduces case vibrations
Dimensions 2 pieces 40 x 35cm, 2 pieces 40 x 18cm
Material Soft cellular foam 4mm thick
Self-adhesive tape
Withstands temperatures up to: +80 C
Colors Black
Application Fits inside your PC Middle or Full Tower case
Weight 334 gram
Certifications CE / ROHS
Operating Temperature -10-60 oC
Storage Temperature 10-60 oC
Warranty 2 Year Limited Warranty


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