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(Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)







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Home > Case Fans > Anti-Vibration Accessories > (Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)


Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)

Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)

Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)

Click to enlarge - (Discontinued) Nexus Black Rubber Anti-Vibration Case Feet (Pack of 4)

Most computer case feet are made of solid plastic and therefore transmit and heighten unwanted vibrations from inside your computer via the chassis/case that is sitting on your hard desk, floor or shelf. In this situation your computer can generate annoying noises due to the harsh contact between your computer and surface.

Nexus Dampers are a handy invention that act as a buffer between your computer case and the hard surface it rest upon. These versatile rubber feet can be put underneath your PC to create a rubber barrier between the case and the surface, this barrier absorbs the vibrations from your computer and isolates the resonance.

Another benefit of adding these dampers is that your case will be elevated 1.4cm from the floor. Elevating your case makes it easier for air to flow into the case's intake opening. Most cases have front intake at the front-bottom and/or on the bottom of the case, but this is an awkward place for air to enter as the case is very close to the floor and doesn't leave much room cool air to be sucked into your case. By putting your case on these rubber feet you will create more room for your case to "breathe", resulting in better airflow and cooler temperatures within your computer. Most modern fans inside computers vary their speeds dependeing on ambient temperature, so with more cooler air being pulled into your case, the result is an overall quieter system.

You can reap the benefits of Dampers even if your case is currently on a carpet floor or other surface that dampens noise. Even though the vibration may not be an issue, the extra room for your computer to breathe may be very much needed. Especially if you have thick carpet closing up all the ventilation holes at the bottom of your case.

For laptops the same concept works. The fan of your laptop needs to spin fast and starts making lots of noise as the laptop turns hot when it is on the table. By putting two feet at the end of your laptop you create more "breathing room" for cooling the PC and you tilt your keyboard in a convenient angle for typing.

But anti-vibration feet are not just for PC's - they may also be useful for printers, Small Form Factor PC's, Home Theatre P's, audio equipment (e.g. speakers) and any number of appliances and enclosures that would benefit from vibration adsorption and reduction.

- Stops vibration fast
- Improves cooling
- Premium rubber material
- Universal - Fits all PC's (and more!)
- Multiple Applications



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