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AcoustiFan AFG120B 120mm Soft Silicone Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket







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Home > Case Fans > Anti-Vibration Accessories > AcoustiFan AFG120B 120mm Soft Silicone Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket


Click to enlarge - AcoustiFan AFG120B 120mm Soft Silicone Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket

AcoustiFan AFG120B 120mm Soft Silicone Anti-Vibration Fan Gasket

Part #:AFG120B
Price: $5.99
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These super-soft silicone fan gaskets are designed to dramatically reduce the vibration from any PC or server case cooling fans. The 60 and 70mm gaskets are 1.5mm thick, and the larger sizes are 2.5mm thick. Included with each gasket are silicone washers and anti-vibration screws. These screws feature a thread design which prevents the shank touching the fan and vibrations being transmitted and amplified through to the chassis.

These gaskets are suitable for the vast majority of case designs and fan combinations, as they fit standard fan mounting holes. Slightly lengthened (12mm thread) fan mounting screws are supplied with the fan gaskets and washers. These gaskets can be used with standard PC cooling fans, and not just with AcoustiFan quiet case fans.

Note: Do not use these gaskets in very high temperature locations inside a PC/Server such as attached to CPU or GPU heat sinks!

- Helps to absorb the fan vibration
- Helps to ‘seal’ the small gap between the fan and the casing/enclosure wall
- Compatible with virtually all case cooling fans
- Supplied with screws and silicone washers
- Quick and very easy to fit

Gasket Thickness 2.5mm 1.5mm 2.5mm
Operating Temperature -20 to +70°C
Softness Shore A 25 ± 5
Material Black Silicone Rubber
Recommended Compression 5% of height
Flammability Rating UL94-HB | File number: E56745



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